Shadows is up on Smashwords and Amazon.

And I note that someone was watching pretty closely, since I got a purchase notification from Smashwords while I was typing this blog entry. Fast work, whoever that was!


Updated Theme

I’ve changed the WordPress theme I’m using because, much though I liked the old one, the text was almost unreadable. This theme is called “Piano Black.” I’m currently working on getting everything operating the way I want. The important stuff is up there for people to read though, and now you don’t get eye strain doing it.

Goodbye Iain Banks

I’m not one for obituary posts, but there are a couple of people I’ll be sorry to see go. One of them is Terry Pratchett when he finally pops his clogs (may it be many years ahead with a healthy mind), and another is Iain Banks who died on Sunday.

He had announced that he was dying, but at 59 he went far too young and with (I suspect) many books waiting to get out into the world. As Iain M. Banks he wrote the Culture novels, some very imaginative work; ultra-high-tech sci-fi that was about people more than technology. If you never have, and you’re into sci-fi, try one.