That’s a long word, isn’t it? Okay, it’s not that long. Anyway, in this case it’s an indication that if you’re reading this looking for information/news on the Aneka Jansen books or my other sci-fi stuff, you should go look elsewhere:

Witches and Ray-Guns is taking over as the place to go for all my books.


The Blog Debate – Sci-fi Edition

I now have three blogs related to my stories and me. There’s this one, Thaumatology, and Witches and Ray-guns. The original idea was to keep the sci-fi and fantasy series separate, and I wanted a blog for ‘other things.’ However, I admit it would be easier to handle things if they were all in the same place, and it’s confusing to some, so here’s the bit where I ask your opinion.

If I merge the blogs everything will move to Witches and Ray-guns. I will continue to put links here whenever I am releasing an Aneka book for a while, but the aim will be to stop that at the end of this year. If you’re not a fan of my fantasy stuff you’ll get more announcements about books you aren’t interested in, but I’m not especially loud so I hope that won’t be a problem.

Does anyone think this is a terrible idea and will hate me to the end of days for doing it?

Hope for the Small Business

Okay, silly title, but… It was not my intention to give Smashwords a one day lead on Hope, in fact I set the process going with Amazon a few minutes before I uploaded to Smashwords. Amazon do not usually take almost 24 hours to get their act together and I’m going to prod them to find out what’s up. I was holding off on the announcement until it came through on Amazon, but several people have already noticed the book’s out.

You can download the seventh Aneka Jansen book here. Right now. Right there!

I’ll let you know when Amazon respond. And apparently they were listening. It’s now available:

And, once again, it’s available at Smashwords.