My ToDo List

So, I’ve got some time off the day job and my ToDo list for the next 5 days looks like this:

  • Write 15,000 words in 4 days so I can claim another win at NaNoWriMo. Then never do it again!
  • Do final edit on Steal Heart, then publish on Sunday.
  • Sort out my tax returns.
  • Watch Despicable Me 2 and RED 2 on Blue-Ray.

Thankfully, I have no life and can probably fit it all in.


Important Scientific Discoveries!

Two truly important scientific discoveries to discuss this week.

First, lightsabres could be a scientific reality. Actually it’s less light-sabre and more light popsicle since the trick involves making photon “molecules” by cooling them down to almost absolute zero. Still, soon…

There is also news of the structure and nature of Titan.