Shadows is up on Smashwords and Amazon.

And I note that someone was watching pretty closely, since I got a purchase notification from Smashwords while I was typing this blog entry. Fast work, whoever that was!


14 responses to “Shadows

  1. Thanks for posting the Amazon Aust link as it wasn’t coming up on your page when I looked for it. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Bloody IPad My last post got posted before I’d finished
      I meant to write
      Thanks for posting the link to the Amazon Australia site as it wasn’t coming up when i searched on Amazon either on your page or just using the book title and author name.

      • I shall refrain from commenting on the iPad, 🙂

        Obviously this is me second-guessing Amazon’s systems, but I’d imagine that they run an indexing routine periodically which ties up potential searches. Running a standard query on their inventory would probably take a few weeks to give results. I posted that link before they had confirmed the release to me, so it’s quite possible that book hadn’t been added into their indexes at that point.

        Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Sold. I’ve been awaiting a new Ultrahumans books since re-reading Ugly…And then the whole of the Aneka Jansen series.

  3. Do you know if Shadows for the Barnes and Noble nook will be released soon? Like the reader above I’ve been looking forward to the sequel ever since reading Ugly.


    • According to my handy-dandy channel manager page it shipped to B&N today. It’s not showing if I do a search now, but I would imagine that it will appear on their site within the next day or two. (I know Apple take a bit longer due to their own checking. I’m not aware that B&N do the same, but they may do.)

  4. Just finished it. The character development was amazing! Please turn the teaser at the end into another great sequel. 😉

    BTW: The “About the Author” section still says you’re a programmer by day.

    • I seriously need to revise that blurb.

      And there are plans to turn the epilogue into another book. Maybe sooner rather than later given that Arkham Knight is out in a month and I’ll be dosed up on comics again.

  5. I liked the book, but for me the side-/main-arc of Diamond seemed a little wierd, maybe mainly because there was never a direct confrontation between her and the protagonist…………

    • I predict Diamond is needed so that she and Blutadler can form an alliance to make Cygnus evil or steal her powers.
      By the way, I wonder when Penny will realize she can access all powers in her ordinary form, too. She just has to get around her mental block that she is useless without the transformation.

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