Steel Beneath the Skin is a blog dedicated to the adventures of Aneka Jansen, as written down by Niall Teasdale (that’s me).

I also plan to do a few reviews of sci-fi related games, TV shows, and movies here, along with comments on science and technology, especially things related to the Steel universe.

This is the sci-fi side to my personality. If you’d like to see my fantasy side you can click on the link to The Thaumatology Blog on the right. There are currently eleven Thaumatology books available on Smashwords and Amazon as ebooks. Through Smashwords you can find them on the Apple store, B&N, etc. Steel Beneath the Skin, the first Aneka Jansen book, is out now on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstore, B&N, and other onlien book retailers.


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  1. If you use the wordpress site for hosting your bog, do you get fewer spammers in your comments? Mine is hugely on my own domain and almost entirely crappaged. Oh. The main reason I started to write – most authors have favorite artists in large part because they don’t have the wherewithal to create their own art in addition to creating their own worlds in words. Are you the artist for your Jensen series as well? How in the world are you creating such near-real images? (well, real in the idealised visual sense, rather less so in the physiological sense of the 21st century)

    • I don’t get much spam, no.

      Yes, I do my own cover art. I use a 3D modelling package called DAZ 3D (and several years of practice). It’s designed to produce near photorealistic images.

  2. Near photorealistic? aye, that it is…really great if somewhat unrealistically endowed, , but totally in harmony with the writing. (Bennie Noakes would approve). Really oughta do a male or two, just to keep your hetero female audience from feeling neglected, tho… 😉

    • Annoyingly, the men never seem to come out as well as the women. (I actually mean ‘annoyingly’ there, I can never seem to get the pictures of men to come out as well as the women.)
      There are a few shots of guys in the Aneka folder; I’ll let you judge.

      That said, I think the cover for my upcoming superhero novel may well have a guy on it, even if just in the background.

      And just to keep things in proportion, Twilight is of a, ahem, slimmer build.

      • Further to the above: I got my hands on a bolt-on for DAZ Studio which lets me measure things. Height, circumference, etc, and it allowed me to do (hopefully accurate, but estimated) measurements for some of my characters. If this thing’s right Cygnus takes a 32F bra and even Twilight is a D-cup (34D, and those are US sizes). I just go for what seems right for the character. They don’t all seem excessively large to me, but maybe I need to work on my bra-size estimation skills. :s

  3. I’m enjoying reading the Aneka Jansen series – great fun, thank you. But it’s more by luck than judgement that I’ve learned of the publication of new books in the series. And I’ve only discovered this site this morning. I wonder if you’ve thought of running a mailing list to let your readers know about them? You never know, it might get you a few more sales.

      • Apparently I have subscribed to this blog – but only by chance! I didn’t know that I could do so when I wrote my earlier comment. It turned out that that was a consequence of my wanting to post. I guess the problem is publicity. I haven’t seen any mention of this blog (or anything similar) anywhere else. I only discovered it through a Google search when I was actively looking for your web site. (I’d been hoping to find something like, say, Thomas DePrima’s. But if you have a day job, I suppose that’d be too time-consuming.)

      • No one ever reads the bit at the end of the books. 🙂

        There’s a link to the blog in every book. Maybe I should make it more prominent, but it’s a difficult thing to do without detracting from the reading experience.

        I’ll give it some thought.

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