That’s Kate on the Roof

Kate Cover

Possibly not my best cover, but Kate on a Hot Tin Roof, the first of the Unobtainium series, is out and available. Yes, that’s Kate. Yes, the roof is tiled.


Amazon UK:

Amazon US:


Covers and That First 15 Minutes

So, the road to audio continues. At the weekend I was sent the first 15 minutes of the audiobook of Steel Beneath the Skin to approve. I approved. It’s just… strange. I listen to audiobooks a fair bit and this is someone reading my writing to me. I think it’s going to be good, but I may be prejudiced.

I also put the cover up on ACX, and DeviantArt. It re-rendered it because audiobook covers are square. You get a bit more leg than on the ebook and paperback. I won’t repost the picture, but you’ll find the big version here.

As an aside, Kate On A Hot Tin Roof, the first of the Unobtainium series, is in proofing. Expect that to hit the stands very soon.

Aneka – On the Shelf


Okay, that there will be the new cover when the updated digital edition goes out in the next couple of days. But it’s more than that, because it has a friend…


Looks like the back cover of a book, right? That’s because it is! Yes, Steel Beneath the Skin is in print (well, sort of; print on demand, so it’ll be in print when someone demands one).

CreateSpace has it here:

Amazon USAmazon UK

The Lowest Depths Cover Art

The Lowest Depths of Shame Cover Art

So here we are with the cover art for The Lowest Depths of Shame.

This week has kind of sucked. I have this playlist full of overly happy songs and I’ve had to play it almost once a day this week to stop me murdering people. That’s the kind of week this has been. Putting Shame out is going to be the highlight of the week.

Archaeology That Gillian Would Understand

It’s been a slightly odd sort of day. Apparently I’m the 16th most popular artist over on Renderosity, which is odd given I rarely post there. I prefer DeviantArt most of the time because Renderosity has some harsh limits on image size. Still, have to put some more modern pictures up. They’re using one I did about 4 years ago as my featured image. The week seems to be dragging terminally…

But there’s a programme on tonight on BBC Two which looks like it could be well worth it. I’m hoping that those of you outside the UK will be able to see it on catch-up at some point. I’ll be in the same boat; I don’t have any live TV source currently (by choice). Anyway, look out for Jungle AtlantisThe programme is about Angkor Wat, hardly a new subject and, supposedly, a well known site, but what’s got me taking an interest is the massive use of technology to dig up new information about the temple and its environs. Seriously, lidar scans and such; Gillian and Ella would be going, “So where’s your terahertz radar system?” But I think they might be a little impressed. You know, given that before Aneka turns up they pretty much thought we wore animal skins and hit each other with sticks.