That’s a long word, isn’t it? Okay, it’s not that long. Anyway, in this case it’s an indication that if you’re reading this looking for information/news on the Aneka Jansen books or my other sci-fi stuff, you should go look elsewhere:

Witches and Ray-Guns is taking over as the place to go for all my books.


Hope Cover Reveal

Hope Cover Art

Don’t try to figure out who the blonde on the right is guys, you’ve never met her. Hope will be out on Thursday. I mean, if I released it tomorrow no one would believe me, right? (But it might go a little early. Maybe.)

Meanwhile, another thing of note is, which is a blog I just started to handle more “me” stuff rather than book stuff. If you’re a big fan of Aneka and think I suck, don’t go look at that blog. Otherwise you may find some useful bits and bobs being posted. It does echo to my usual social media targets too.