Shadows – Cover Art

Shadows Cover Art

Shadows is on its way and should be for sale at Smashwords today. Amazon have been taking their time recently, but I still hope to see the book up there today (even if it’s today US time and not today my time). In the meantime, this is the cover.


Hope for the Small Business

Okay, silly title, but… It was not my intention to give Smashwords a one day lead on Hope, in fact I set the process going with Amazon a few minutes before I uploaded to Smashwords. Amazon do not usually take almost 24 hours to get their act together and I’m going to prod them to find out what’s up. I was holding off on the announcement until it came through on Amazon, but several people have already noticed the book’s out.

You can download the seventh Aneka Jansen book here. Right now. Right there!

I’ll let you know when Amazon respond. And apparently they were listening. It’s now available:

And, once again, it’s available at Smashwords.

Hope Cover Reveal

Hope Cover Art

Don’t try to figure out who the blonde on the right is guys, you’ve never met her. Hope will be out on Thursday. I mean, if I released it tomorrow no one would believe me, right? (But it might go a little early. Maybe.)

Meanwhile, another thing of note is, which is a blog I just started to handle more “me” stuff rather than book stuff. If you’re a big fan of Aneka and think I suck, don’t go look at that blog. Otherwise you may find some useful bits and bobs being posted. It does echo to my usual social media targets too.

Auditory Update

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that Gabrielle de Cuir finished up the review recording for Steel Beneath the Skin a couple of days ago. I’ve spent the last couple of evenings going through it. As it stands there’s 11 hours 32 minutes of audio here and I’m still working through it. I got to the end of part 3 last night and I thought “should update the troops.”

So… I’m kind of jazzed. (Just to be clear, I don’t think I ever use that phrase in real life, but it somehow seems right. I may be buzzed instead). There are a couple of things that I think need fixing, but it’s technical stuff. So far I have not come across a single sentence where I’m thinking “Oh I really don’t see that as how it should sound.” Gabrielle has captured the story and the world as well as I could have hoped for. I am enjoying listening to something that I know backwards. I mean, I’ve read Steel a lot of times. Some of you have possibly read it more often, but I’ve read it a lot and I’m not a big one for re-reading books. It takes a lot to spark that interest again. Monday night I came home feeling fairly bad and watched a movie to try to get myself in a fit state to listen. And then I sat down to part one, and when it finished it was about forty minutes into Tuesday and I had work in the morning, and I still had to force myself not to start part two.

Part four tonight. Can’t wait.

Just Felt Like…

…writing something. Seriously, there’s nothing much to tell, but I felt like I needed to post something. So, uh…

Did I mention that Aneka 7 has a title? The seventh in the Aneka Jansen series will be called Hope. I have figured out the problems with it, more or less, and I’m aiming to have the first redraft ready by the end of this week. Publication is going to be around Easter.

The second in the Ultrahumans series, Shadows, has been languishing in Plot Hell for a while now, but I recently had an epiphany. when Hope is done I’ll be kicking off on that again. It needs more work than Hope so I don’t have a release date, but it should be soon(ish). I already have a cover for Shadows which I think may be one of the better ones I’ve ever done, but I’ll share that closer to release.

And that’s about all I’m going to say for now. Have a good week!