The Audiobook

Is out. Coming to iTunes and Amazon soon, I’m told, but it’s available on Audible.

You can listen to a sample on those pages. Now I need to look into getting it promoted…


6 responses to “The Audiobook

      • Thats not what I mean.

        Because amazon owns audible, you can buy audible books through amazon (just like kindle vs hardcopy). For some authors, if you already own the kindle book you get a discount on the audio book.

        Though you should watch out for some reason 99% of linked books, the audio book only costs $2 if you own the e-book.. and the ebook costs like $3. making ebook+audio $5 while the actual audio is $25.
        Don’t know why this is but I imagine authors are loosing income?

      • Right. I’d imagine this works with that, but I’m not sure. I know the email I got muttered about Amazon and iTunes taking a while longer to make the audiobook available. My advice would be to check back after a week or so and see what it says.

  1. Well just checked the American Amazon and it is available but not available in Canadian amazon lol in Canada only the kindle is available.

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