Hope for the Small Business

Okay, silly title, but… It was not my intention to give Smashwords a one day lead on Hope, in fact I set the process going with Amazon a few minutes before I uploaded to Smashwords. Amazon do not usually take almost 24 hours to get their act together and I’m going to prod them to find out what’s up. I was holding off on the announcement until it came through on Amazon, but several people have already noticed the book’s out.

You can download the seventh Aneka Jansen book here. Right now. Right there!

I’ll let you know when Amazon respond. And apparently they were listening. It’s now available:

And, once again, it’s available at Smashwords.


9 responses to “Hope for the Small Business

    • I’m waiting on a finalised release date and as soon as I know what that’s going to be, you will. The audio process is not quite as… interactive? informative? immediate? (pick an i-word) as the ebook one, which is making life unnecessarily difficult.

      • You’ll want to make sure the books title is right. When Stephen Bennett released Koban and Mark of Koban in audio they didn’t put Koban book 1 and Koban Book 2: mark of Koban at first and some people bought Mark first and left bad reviews because they were unaware that they had started at book 2. So you should make sure that the audiobook has Aneka Jansen book 1 in the title.

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