Hope Cover Reveal

Hope Cover Art

Don’t try to figure out who the blonde on the right is guys, you’ve never met her. Hope will be out on Thursday. I mean, if I released it tomorrow no one would believe me, right? (But it might go a little early. Maybe.)

Meanwhile, another thing of note is http://witchesandrayguns.wordpress.com, which is a blog I just started to handle more “me” stuff rather than book stuff. If you’re a big fan of Aneka and think I suck, don’t go look at that blog. Otherwise you may find some useful bits and bobs being posted. It does echo to my usual social media targets too.


12 responses to “Hope Cover Reveal

  1. Oh, goody! Thanks for the heads-up: I’ll be buying a copy as soon as I can.

    Incidentally, I wonder if it makes any practical (financial) difference to you whether we buy through Amazon or Smashwords (or other outlet?)? Obviously, the exchange rate is relevant (as it is to me as a buyer), but are there any other factors from your point of view? For example, a different percentage yield?

    • It’s swings and roundabouts. I think I get a slightly higher percentage out of Smashwords, but it’s not exactly a huge difference. On the other hand, Amazon pay me monthly directly to my bank account rather than quarterly via PayPal, which is far more convenient. If you like buying from Amazon, don’t switch to Smashwords on my account.

      If you feel like supporting a more independent publishing resource, then that’s a different matter. I get a little tired of Mark Corker’s constant harping on about how Amazon is the most evil organisation in the world, but I would like to see Smashwords continue and succeed.

  2. Thanks. Well, I have mixed feelings. Amazon is certainly more convenient for me, but I do want independents to succeed. And what I’ve read about some of Amazon’s business practices is pretty horrifying.

    • Not saying that anyone’s lying or anything, not that Amazon do not do some things which are probably not perfect, but…

      Amazon don’t usually comment or defend themselves. The only time you hear about these bad practices, it’s from other people. Let’s not forget that several of those people got caught conspiring to keep book prices high in an effort to stomp on Amazon.

      In business, the first thing to go are the ethics… on both sides. Amazon aren’t really worse than anyone else. They are certainly no worse than anyone in their position would be.

  3. Much as I like Ceri and Co. it’s still Aneka’s world that calls out to my inner spaceship geek. Can’t wait to read the new adventure.

  4. I read “Hope” book seven in the Aneka Jansen series within a day or so when it became available. I have a mixed reaction to it. On one hand it does bring out Ella more as a person and reveals a growth in her abilities. But the plot is more silly than interesting. Space pirates really with swords no less. The reason for the kidnap is a real stretch. You do make fun it I have to give you that. The story does have the qualities of farce. On the other hand the plot closed out well except Ella was back to being the helpless ingénue.

    Since Aneka has gotten impossible powerful and is beginning to suffer from the same problems as the Ceridwyn Brent character i.e. a lack of development potential. I would like to see more of Ella. In an adventure story the hero has to overcome obstacles usually by defeating a more powerful force. Stores need tension. Aneka on the other hand can bring down entire civilizations and doesn’t have to think too deeply about it.

    I like the Jenlay universe and how you have put together technology concepts and the associated society is interesting. The people in it are somewhere between now and the Culture citizens of Iian Banks’s universe. I hope to see you work with some of the other characters for instance, Dillon and let them grow under their own story line.

    Lastly, since you worry about IP issues “I release any and all claims to the above material, thoughts and general advice. Richard vB”

    • I could argue the swords, but I won’t.

      Aneka is pretty powerful, but a lot of her power stems from her backup and shifting the action out beyond the normal sphere of influence of Shadataga removes that backup. This may result in her appealing to you more.

      That said, keep an eye out for Fox Hunt. Unless you really have to have that ultra-tech in your sci-fi, Fox is a rather more down-to-earth heroine (except when she’s on the Moon or a space station, obviously).

      • I’m an old time Sci-Fi guy from way back and into the technology concepts. I figured you’d have to move the action away from Shadataga. I do like the personalities of the more advanced AI’s but that’s the price you have to pay.

        Still, I hope you don’t leave the Jenlay society behind. You had some nice side stories going on there. That universe can support more than one story line. At the everyday level Shadataga would be viewed as the far away castle. On the other had you have so many story lines going you probably don’t need more.

      • Yeah, I have considered doing stories about other people in the same universe. Though some people might kill me if Aneka and Ella aren’t there in a book set in that universe.

        Fox Hunt has the technology (loads of AIs) but at a level closer to our own about to expand enormously as certain concepts are cracked.

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