A Plan Never Survives…

…contact with the enemy.

In this case, I’m the enemy. I am not happy with the next Aneka book. It needs… more. Not sure what it needs more of, but it needs it. I remember watching The Dark Knight in the cinema and coming out thinking, ‘That film was too long. It needed cutting.’ It took me a while to realise that the only bits you could cut, being essentially extraneous to the plot, where some of the best bits of the film. There’s nothing wrong with the film, but it just seems to go on forever. (And it’s actually not as bad on the second viewing.) This book is a bit like that, but instead it’s something I need to add. The word count is a little short, but that’s not the main problem. It just seems a bit abrupt, maybe. What’s there is fine, but there needs to be more… something.

Whatever, I am not putting out a book I’m not happy with, but I am going to get a book out and I have one that I can have ready for the the beginning of February. Going to mean I’m working hard to have it ready, but I can, and will, do it. It’s something new. Steampunk is the closest genre I can get to it, but it’s not exactly steampunk, nor is it dieselpunk. Retro-sci-fi fits nicely, but like most of my stuff it doesn’t really like being categorised.

So, look for Kate On a Hot Tin Roof appearing in early February. When I have an exact release date, so will you.


3 responses to “A Plan Never Survives…

  1. I’v just finished the Lowest Depth(…) and I was VERY happy with it all coming to a clean ending. (I missed AI statue on Shadataga plaza, however!)

    This book had the very fun factor the first book gave me, which made me go for the second, and the third (but not that much here.) I missed it on the fourth and fifth, though. If you are not feeling right about the new book, and if I may medle into the issue, I liked the story out of the first paragraph because of all the sort of things you got mixed (with skill if a bit dull at first) and all the crazy things going on, the action, the “I’m a ***** robot etc” quotes and all that madness and the classical britty humours. It was sheer fun to read on!! That’s what I’d be looking for in a new AJ book. (I’ll buy it anyway, however you write it, just to let you know.)

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