And the Winner is…

Well, me, but the person who will be turning Aneka into a real person is Gabrielle de Cur. The selection was made based on my own preferences and a little audience testing, and Gabrielle has accepted my offer so we’re winging our way to an audiobook of Steel Beneath the Skin.

Seriously, this was not easy. I’ve been listening to auditions as they came in and a few were just not what I wanted (for this book; if I do others there are some names I’ll be remembering), but the majority went in the maybe pile. I’ve flicked through other recordings on the ACX site as well to see the range these ladies can manage. Last night I sat down with the 12 audition recordings I had and narrowed those down to four I thought fitted the series well. And then I listened to those recordings, several times. In the end, this is an entirely subjective choice and I know it. It really came down to two choices and my ‘test audience’ liked Gabrielle. I made her an offer and was accepted quite promptly.

Then I went off to look at her resume, so to speak. I hadn’t actually thought of doing so until the last minute. It went something like, “Oh wow, she did the Ender’s Game audiobook.” (Not my genre, but I know it’s a big thing.) “Oh… wow, she won an award… Oh wow, she was nominated for a Grammie!” So at least one of us has a clue what we’re doing here. I consider this a good thing.

You’ll find Gabrielle over on Skyboat Media’s web site. You’ll find me hiding under the table.


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