Or not. No shame in it, I mean, it’s out…


20 responses to “Shame

  1. Um, Wow! This is without a doubt the best of the series. It was not what I expected, it was WAY more than I expected. There are so many things I want to say at this point but I can’t. Well, I can but I won’t, there will be too many people that have not read the book yet. I will state that I was more than a little surprised that the Legacy dude actually sort of nailed one. Well they do say that anything is possible. 🙂

    For the people that have not yet read this book….

    This book was not worth waiting for, it was worth waiting even longer for!

    Thank you Niall for this wonderful journey.

  2. I really enjoy this series and happy that this one is out..I tore through the all the others in about 2 weeks last month…I also read your novel “Ugly” and really liked it and the alternative universe you are putting together in what I hope will be another long series…I really like your character arcs of bad-ass heroines discovering their powers and the mysteries underlying them…keep it up!!!

  3. Love your writing, Shame unfortunately had two issues that broke my suspension of disbelief. …(spoilers noted, and thank you for the comments, but some people haven’t read it yet.)… Thanks for the stories & keep writing.

    • Thanks for the comments, Daniel, and sorry it took a while to approve the post.
      I tweaked things a bit here to remove the comments because I’d prefer people didn’t spoil things for other readers, at least not without big warning signs.
      Again, criticism duly noted and at least partially agreed with. Thanks.

  4. I’d like to see some character development with Ella. Her combat skills now allow her to be capable protagonist. She should be separated from Aneka for awhile with those enhancements your mentioned in Shame. It’ll make her a little less needy. It would put on par with the some of the other strong characters e.g. Sharissa or Cassandra and make her creditable as a department head at Shadataga.

    • I thought really hard before letting this post actually hit the site, but the cat’s out now anyway, so might as well let it go.
      Here’s the thing: I know pretty much where the plot for the next book is going… or I did until you posted this. I know have to carefully consider what I’m writing and decide whether your “suggestion” is sufficiently close to what I have planned that you could claim it was your idea I was following. It’s a matter of Intellectual Property.
      I think this is too vague and not quite where I’m going, but it’s a little close and it’s going to cause problems.

      PLEASE don’t post suggestions about how you think the series should go forward. If you think you have a great idea, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, and if the plot goes that way, be happy.

      Thanks, Niall.

      • It wasn’t my intention to get in the middle of you creative process. I purposely kept my comments vague. Your prior novel “The Greatest Heights of Honour” did give a hint of that possibility and I hoped Shame was headed in that direction.

        As you are aware Science Fiction readers are looking for two things, a great application of ideas and future technology as well as powerful characters to identify with. Your stories do a good job providing those two elements.

        I’ve some experience with IP issues but this is the first time that an author that I have interacted had that concern. Regardless, I release all my rights to any ideas or information that I provided to you to you. Fiction tends to have a life of its own so let your work to continue to evolve natural. Best Regards

      • I hope this response is not doing more of what you are asking people not to do, if it is I do apologise. I think any subjective response is in some way expressing hopes for any future books, but I’ll try to stay at the right side just giving my opinion about the series so far.

        So what I wanted to say, I like Ella very very much, for me a significant part of her charm is her somewhat innocent and clingy personality. And I think the growing to dependancy between Aneka and Ella, and even the seeking out to depend and be depended on by the other, felt natural for two people deeply love. I don’t think I have read any book that gave me such a strong sense of love like that.

  5. To be fair, this gave me a chance to tell people to be careful what they post. It can be an issue. The primary writer on Babylon 5, JMS, interacted with fans on the forums, but with one rule: never post ideas on what could happen in the forum he posted to. The reason given was IP and it is a concern. I’m quite aware that you had no intention of causing an issue.

    I’m going to get on with writing book 7. 🙂

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