The Lowest Depths Cover Art

The Lowest Depths of Shame Cover Art

So here we are with the cover art for The Lowest Depths of Shame.

This week has kind of sucked. I have this playlist full of overly happy songs and I’ve had to play it almost once a day this week to stop me murdering people. That’s the kind of week this has been. Putting Shame out is going to be the highlight of the week.


7 responses to “The Lowest Depths Cover Art

  1. got a question. started rereading the series, just before the 21.12.523 FSC gillian feints after reading “xinti history, intra-stellar expansion period”. is that when they were just leaving their home planet or are you talking about their going to other solar systems? cuz if its the second one my understanding is that it should be “inter-stellar”.

  2. I just finished the lowest depths book. I was hooked from book one since I Love Robotics and bionics. I cant say enough about the tech in this book. My two favorite cyber chicks are now Aneka Jensen and Cassandra Kresnov. (Yes I love Joel shepherd’s Sandy too!) Lol.

    • I think the Kresnov books are on my ‘to read’ list (thought that is slightly longer than my novels; yes, all of them). I’ll have to look up Shepherd. Always looking for sci-fi I’ll like. It’s not easy to find.

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