Indecision Redux

Right, it’s official: I cannot keep a project in my head for longer than a few days at a time without something else popping up and interrupting. It’s the opposite of writers block, but it’s as annoyingly disabling. I need a break.

Thankfully, I plan to get The Lowest Depths of Shame out at the beginning of October and then I have the reissue project going which is going to tie up some bandwidth until the new year. I don’t plan on putting anything new out after Shame until the start of February. That gives me a couple of months to play computer games, fiddle about with things which might end up as books and might fail, pick something to have ready for February, and get it all wrapped and ready.

Well, last time I ended up in this mood, the end result was Steel Beneath the Skin, so you never know, my frustration may be a good thing.


5 responses to “Indecision Redux

  1. After thinking it’d be closer to the holiday season before we would be able to see Aneka’s current arc end, hearing you are planning to put it out soon is great news. Even better the fact that you are bring with ideas (even if having so many is annoying).

  2. Awww. Another month to wait for more Aneka. Guess I’ll have to exercise more patience. BTW I quite enjoyed Ugly. Looking forward to reading more stories next year in that universe. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have voraciously devoured every single one of your books over the last several weeks. I am just grateful to have discovered them with so many available to enjoy, for the withdrawal symptom’s were I have to wait between releases of your literary Crack would have been agonizing. Thank you for opening these windows into some fascinating realities, I look forward to all your future releases with avid anticipation!

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