Here We Are in Indecision Land

So the next Ultrahumans book, Shadows, is looking like it’s taking over as the candidate for release after The Lowest Depths of Shame. I’m writing something else, a sci-fi/urban fantasy/horror novel called Reality Hack, and I’m going to get it done and released because it’s cool, but I got stuck and Shadows is begging to be finished and released.

hate having too many ideas. Better than having too few, I guess, but I end up having trouble finishing anything. The rumblings of future plot keep percolating up through my coffee-fuelled brain, somewhat akin to methane bubbling up through tar. They hit the surface and burst, spewing black, sticky goo over everything nearby and making it hard to think because of the sulphurous scent. (I did say I’d been doing horror recently, right?)

I really need to be able to write three things at once. I mean, seriously. Then I could do a fantasy, a sci-fi, and another random one, and my inspiration monster would be happy. Maybe. And I’d know what my release schedule actually looked like. Maybe.


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