There’s This Thing I Want to Write…

As I posted over on the Thaumatology blog, I think the next book out after The Lowest Depths of Shame is going to be Reality Hack, primarily because I think it’s the most developed of the irons I have in the fire, but I wanted to share this idea with you because… well it’d be cool if I could get it to work.

I’ve got this vision of a girl alone on a spaceship. We’re talking relatively low-end technology here, not that far into the future. Ion drives, no artificial gravity, long transfer orbits. And we open up seeing our girl strapped into an acceleration couch as her ship cruises through space from one world to the next. She’s busy whiling away the hours doing what she really, really loves doing…

…watching old episodes of Firefly. She thinks Nathan Fillion is so hot. She can repeat every line of every episode, and the movie, with near perfect immitations of the actors, in time with the playback, but sometimes she likes to just watch. And while she can sing along to the theme tune perfectly, she never does, because that theme tune is the reason she’s out there, flying along between the planets.

“You can’t take the sky from me.”

And the problem I have is that while I have a pretty good idea of who this girl is and what she’s like… I have absolutely no plot. I’m considering building her world and doing some shorts because she’s great! We’ll see.

And Keep on Flying.


5 responses to “There’s This Thing I Want to Write…

  1. One of my favorite series is About a regular guy plying the merchant marine trade in space. No galactic warface, super heroes, pointy-headed aliens.

    Just a regular guy dealing with regular crap in a sci-fi setting.

    • I think there’d be a lot of that, but I think she needs something else as well. Firefly had the same feel really: kind of ordinary, but with a bit of action, and a bigger plot stirring in the background.

  2. You cold have it like the movie “Transporter” where she is moving some cargo but because of morel or other issues is unable to make dilivery and now has ether the cops after her or the orinisation that had her doing the transporting in the first place or both. You could also go the other rout not unlike the anime “Cowboy Bebop” and she could have been part of some crime organization but is now tring to make it on the strat and narrow only occasionally taking the questionable job angering the cops and said organization.
    I think both of those story ideas could lead to some interesting story plots.

    • No. There are some other references to Seven in the books. I like to drop some pop/geek culture in now and then, but Aneka actually came from a character I had in an MMO. If she has a film/TV character in her it’s Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.

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