This Stuff’s Hard!

Generally (and I’m happy to admit this) I write fairly fluffy books. The good guys win and the bad guys lose, but more than that, I am not fond of throwing pointless problems at my protagonists. (I am not sure why some authors feel they need to complicate every tiny thing their characters do, but it seems to me that it’s either word count or a desire to punish.) If my heroes need to get to the bad guy to save the world it may take them time to find him and work out how to nail him, but they will not get fourteen punctured tires on the way to the big battle, because that’s just pointless irritation.

So the battle scenes in the last Aneka book (we’re going to call that one Honour going forward) were a real pain to write. I mean, I took ages trying to get them right. And here I am giving myself worse problems in the next one (Shame, for reference). I’ve had to break out and do something random for a few days barely into part two, and the later bits are going to be really difficult to write.

Seriously, when I wrap this one up in pink ribbon I am going to be so happy.


4 responses to “This Stuff’s Hard!

  1. Well it is definitely nice that you don’t throw all that useless trouble in there way. Recently I tried reading ‘Green Rider’ and gave up 1/2 way through the book, it seemed every three pages she was running into problem after problem, and accomplishing very little.
    I love the stories you have been writing.

  2. Hi,

    perhaps the reason it got so complicated is the title. David Weber has elaborate space battle in all of his Honor (Harrington) books.

    I enjoyed them.

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