Concept Art Teaser

So, I’m just going to throw this up and not tell you anything much about it, aside from that it’s concept art for a scene early in Book 6…

The Pod


7 responses to “Concept Art Teaser

  1. Interesting. It has a bit of a Victorian feel to it, looks to me as if it belongs in an H G Wells novel. Not quite how I visualised Aneka’s universe.

    • One of the things I like about the setting I created for Aneka is that it doesn’t have “a look.” Different parts of it have different feels to them.

      I think the best example of this is Yorkbridge. Mid-town, where Aneka and Ella live, has a slightly dystopian, Blade Runner feel about it; a high-tech, future New York. The Islands and High Yorkbridge are far more glossy, like the vision of Earth in Star Trek. Downtown looks a fair bit like a cleaned-up version of somewhere like Los Angeles.

      So, you’ll find just about anything out there if you look for it.

      • Yes, I see what you mean. I certainly thought of Blade Runner when I read about Mid-town. And the Islands certainly came over as, as you put it, glossy.

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