An Ugly Book

Ugly, the first Ultrahuman novel is now available.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


8 responses to “An Ugly Book

  1. Niall I’m in love with this series it’s on par with what you give us normally, you better continue it. I enjoyed it ! Penny is my fav like lily

  2. i think i enjoyed that more than the aneka books. you’ve certainly sold me on the next one (or two) already, sight unseen.

    however, pedantry requires i point out that glocks and most other duty pistols are devoid of the kind of safety you can check. google “external vs internal safeties”. that said, thanks for referring to the magazines as such, and not as clips.

  3. Well, I finished Ugly last night, and enjoyed it. Thanks, Niall. Would I buy the next in the series? Yes. But I’d rather hear more of Aneka.

    About the voices that Penny hears… I have a theory, but I’d like to hear the official explanation (and a resolution). Do you think that you could cover that off somewhere (perhaps in the next book), please?

    • Ah… the voices. Yes, assuming I keep going they’ll be explained. Next book is Twilight’s, however, so if there’s anything about Penny’s voices it won’t be a full explanation. Maybe the book after…

      Meanwhile, the next Aneka one is coming along. First part was finished last night. Coming soon. 🙂

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