An Ugly Cover

I said I’d do a cover reveal, and here it is.

Ugly Cover

To be honest, the heading for this post is not entirely inaccurate regarding my feelings about this one. I am suffering from the slow death of a PC. It’s getting a replacement soon, but at the moment it’s not easy doing these pictures, so this is what I have, and Ugly may get a cover update sooner than some of the other books have.

Ugly, a novel of superheroic persons, will be in the shops tommorow.


4 responses to “An Ugly Cover

  1. other than doin amazing things to a womans ass high heels are stupid. when it breaks walkin is awkward (and a super heroine is probably gonna break them off the shoe in their first fight).

    • Ayup. They are, however, a staple of the genre. So much so that the Catwoman costume they did for the recent Batman movie had specially designed high-heels intended to make it look like there was a reason she would wear them. The breaking thing is fairly easily fixed, and the lady in the ridiculous (did I mention staple of the genre) white costume flies. You’d need to train specifically to fight in them to make them even vaguely viable, but since when did superheroes have anything to do with reality?!

  2. Hi,

    Andrew is boring. He’s perfect in this role, but he doesn’t deserve to be on the cover… What about Bobby instead?


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