The Greatest Heights of Honour

Well, the cover is just below this post so I won’t repeat it.

The fifth Aneka Jansen book is out there. I said I’d try to get it out today if I could and my wonderful proofreader, Kate Haigh, came through with the goods in record time.



15 responses to “The Greatest Heights of Honour

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I put everything else on hold to devour this book in one sitting. I am so hooked on this series! This is some of the best sci fi I’ve read,
    and the 5th installment is a knuckle-biting, edge-of-your-seat tour de force that
    will leave you completely buzzed, satisfied and greedy for the next one!
    Niall —-?

    • You’re probably not going to like this…

      I’ll be posting about expected schedules in the next day or so, maybe today, but the next Aneka book is going to be sometime around October. I’ve got Ugly to go out and the next Thaumatology book after that; that takes me to August.

  2. I am overjoyed and relieved to see that War and the rest actually did survive like I hoped they would. I also found myself a new Love besides Aneka 🙂 Gwy, in both her forms. Almost through the story @ 83% as of this posting lol

    • This fact wasn’t completely surprising for me. I have the feeling that Niall doesn’t like to throw away good characters quickly.

      More surprising was the fact who was behind all the warmongering.

      Yes, it’s a new highlight in the series. I look eagerly forward for more culture clashes between Old and New Earth.

      Thumbs Up

      • You’re right I don’t like throwing away characters. Not that that means I won’t create interesting throwaways or create characters I intend to kill off though. I can be mean like that.

    • I thought I’d posted something of Gwy’s avatar, but apparently I’m wrong. That much would be easy. Gwy the cool ship would be harder aside from anything else, and to misquote Holly from Red Dwarf, the thing about Gwy is that she’s black, and the thing about space is that it’s black… However, when my new PC arrives I may have a go at creating a model of Gwy, and then coming up with a why to display her in all her beauty.

  3. im rereading the series and had a thought…. could aneka change hair styles? not that I think she needs to, but say she had go on the run changing from a short white cap to say shoulder length brown would help with anonymity.

    • The character she’s based on had the full nano-fibre hair package (her real hair got burned off in an explosion; don’t ask) and she could vary length, style, colour, and it could braid itself.

      Aneka is, uh, less well-endowed currently, though she could technically evolve additional functionality.

      As it stands, if she needs to change her hairstyle she uses the easier option, and that cap of hair is just perfect for pinning up under a wig.

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