The Wonders of Modern Science

I’m sat on a train heading down to London as I write this on my Nexus. Across the aisle are an older couple, she’s playing patience on a tablet, he’s reading something on a Kindle. I can see two Apple laptops and a Dell from my seat.
When I went to university I started programming by writing out the code on sheets of paper which were turned into punch cards for batch processing on a machine which took up most of one floor in the computer sciences building. Today I’m sitting in a train carriage with full internet connectivity and the sheer computing power is likely greater than a hundred of those old mainframes.
All that in thirty years. We live in wonderful times; imagine what the future will bring.
PS. Announcement on the book 5 release date is imminent.


6 responses to “The Wonders of Modern Science

  1. I recall reading Heinlein’s book Space Cadet as a young man. There is a part where the main characters are talking about the phone on ones belt ringing.
    I thought wow how cool it would be to have a phone that small and portable.
    Now I have one that exceeds the ones in the book.

  2. And I remember having to use public phone boxes, reel to reel video tape and having to use my 48K Exidy Sorcerer. I guess the future will involve implants in some form. Even TV is exploring this with the show Intelligence…I’m also looking forward to book 5. 🙂

  3. Although my applications were for business purposes rather than strictly programming in a proper sense, I also remember the days of punch cards (and punched teletype tape!) that flowed laboriously into mainframes that took up floors of specially cooled rooms! All that brick and mortar, as well as human resources, going into what I now hold in the palm of my smartphones hand. I’ve enjoyed my introduction to your work and look forward to more.


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