The Winter War

Winter War Cover

The Winter War begins.

Well, it’s out there to be bought anyway.


17 responses to “The Winter War

  1. I hope everyone’s enjoying it. It’s sold something over 200 copies in the first day. It really does mean something to me that so many people are so keen to read Aneka’s adventures. Thanks.

    • now we are hooked. Found Aneka a few weeks ago and just finished the 4th and assume we have a bit of wait for #5. I must agree with others here that you really have a knack for spinning an interesting world and culture and characters… I have enjoyed every book and wait for more. Keep up the good work!

      • Book 5 is going to be a couple of months away, yes. I’ve finished the first draft, and my beta reader was biting her nails over it at the weekend. It needs work, however. I’m not totally happy with it yet.

  2. Dude, you don’t realize how dependant we are of your stories ? >.> I’ve read all your works and frankly it’s awesome you know how to tell a story, how to get us interested (no it’s not just the sex, but also the world building, plot and feelings you put into them)

  3. Just bought the fourth book :)) so love the other 3. Each time a new one comes out I reread the past books, to relive the story, and to keep the ark up to date in my head.

    btw when is the next Thaumatology story going to happen, if you have plans for one?

  4. I bought it on the Monday after release – couldn’t buy it earlier, I spent all weekend at my local wargames club’s annual convention (mostly running the Bring and Buy)
    Finished it that day, and have re-read it since – enjoyed it both times

    At the risk of providing a spoiler, can I ask the rationalisation behind the Xinti nanotech in the crews’ bloodstream apparently not protecting in the curare incident?

    Also, a comment about an apparent inconsistency: on the Serai, Anne tells our heroines that Magda is an empath (although the text actually has empathy – not the only example of that slip, unfortunately) and Beth is an illusionist When Beth introduces herself later, she says she is the empathic one, and Magda describes herself as an illusionist.

    Thanks for letting us share your imaginary worlds. I’m looking forward to the next in the series, and to the next Thaumatology title, as well.

    • John,
      1. The rationale would be that curare is an organic poison, not a biological entity. One could argue it either way, I guess. Also, narrative causality.
      2. That’s probably a either a mistake neither I nor my proofreader caught, or the text isn’t entirely clear.

    • Going to be at least 6 weeks, maybe 2 months. While my beat reader enjoyed it, I’m not entirely happy. Needs more tension. Her nails were not sufficiently bitten! (Seriously, I like to do the best I can and it’s not quite there yet.) Book 6 is going to be even longer, but there isn’t a cliffhanger at the end of book 5, just some threads waiting to be tied off. I’m not excessively cruel.

      And I’m glad you liked the 4 so far. 🙂

  5. I don’t normally do this but really I can’t help it this time. I have seldom read more enjoyable stories than those you have written, especially the Jansen series. I find it hard to properly put into words how wonderful it is to find a really good story that also includes really good (hot) sex scenes. These two are often (read that as almost always) mutually exclusive. I love reading both, having them in the same book? Wonderful!

    I, like many others I suppose, have a habit of taking stories and their characters and creating my own story line. I very much like to see if I can guess where the author is going. I seldom get a “hit” but I did this time. I had already guessed who Winter was. Sleep Brings Renewal to All Things, eventually my mind hit on, “the long cold sleep of Winter”. Ding! I willingly admit that I did a little snoopy dance when Aneka was given that new armor. The armor I came up with was of course slightly different but close enough for jazz. Although I will tell you I got there in a totally different way. I can’t hardly wait to see if I get any more hits. The Jansen series is providing me with more fun than I have had in a very long time.

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