Winter is Coming…

Actually, that’s got a bit of a double meaning given how things go in my books, however, in this particular case, what I’m aiming for is that the fourth Aneka Jansen book, The Winter War, is back from proofreading and so will be ready for publication this weekend. I’m not going to guarantee that it’s available before Sunday (February 2nd), but it might just make it into the (online) shops before then. There will be the usual announcement here as soon as it’s out.

Usually I put up the cover art at this point, but this time you get something a little different. The picture below isn’t the actual cover, it’s the scene the cover is clipped from. I’ll be posting the cover along with the release announcement.

Winter War Scene


5 responses to “Winter is Coming…

  1. I really like your Aneka Jansen series, Nial. Just finished Winter War. When I got to the end I thought ‘Nuts, I need more. NOW!’ I guess I’ll have to look into your Fantasy stuff though I am more of a SF fan (Though I always did like Fritz Leiber) while I wait for Aneka’s next adventure. Keep up the good work. You have a light and entertaining writing style. Don’t worry about those sourpusses (Sourpusi?) who complain about the sex scenes. They don’t sound like people who understand what fun is.
    Here’s looking forward to more of Aneka and her friends in upcoming stories. I hope you have many more adventures (in and out of bed) planned for them.
    Oh, about the cover. It seems a little dark (physically). Maybe it can be brightened up a tad? It might help make a few more sales on Amazon.
    Keep ’em coming!

    • If it helps, the Thaumatology series is heavily science-based. I think there’s actually more real-world science in there than in the Aneka books. Ceri, the heroine, is a thaumatologist; she studies the science behind magic. The first book involves the hunt for the fundamental particle governing the transmission of magic through the universe. Some people have complained I have too much physics in my fantasy.

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