What’s Coming Up

This is a very, very, vague release schedule for the next few books I have planned. Take a lot of this with a pinch of salt, dates are subject to variation.

  • Around February 2nd the next Aneka Jansen book, The Winter War, should be out. (That date is pretty solid. Proofing is booked, I just need the final MS ready.)
  • Sometime in early April then we should be seeing the follow-up, The Greatest Heights of Honour.
  • After that, something new. I’m working on a superhero novel named Ugly. If that works through the schedule, it’ll go out to the shops in May or June.
  • However, Ugly is a new project and may take some rework, so it might swap places with the next, currently unnamed, book in the Thaumatology series. We’re looking at May to September for that one.
  • And the last book I have planned is the sixth Aneka book. All I’m willing to say about a date is ‘the latter half of the year.’ I’ve given myself a bit of challenge getting books 5 and 6 right. They’re going to be hard work.
  • Unplanned, but possible, is a sequel to Ugly. I know where the plot would be going, but not how.

5 responses to “What’s Coming Up

  1. Thanks for these books. I’m really looking forward to the next one (there’s so very much you could do with these!), and I’ll be eagerly burning through the book as soon as it’s available. I’ve even just posted links to the Steel books on twitter, and picked up the first of the Thaumatology books.

    I also write for a hobby, and even have a few things up on Amazon. My stuff is… quite a bit harder core, but I’m working on other books that aren’t. Of course, as you know, life gets in the way of the things we REALLY want to do, and I applaud you for getting out such quality writing.

      • ‘Enjoyed’ would be the word 🙂 Finished the third book last night and was bummed to find out the next one wasn’t out. Then very glad to see that there WAS a next one.

        As for not having a life, well… I’ve had to get off the writing train for a while. My company decided to close, which caused just a wee bit of disruption in my life. I have some hard core fans that have kept me from dropping it completely, which is nice.

        I wanted to ask you two things — where did you get the graphics for all your novels and do you hire a proof reading service?

      • I do the cover art myself. I use a 3D modelling package called DAZ 3D, and GIMP to do the postwork (lettering, mostly). It takes a bit of effort, but building models of the characters keeps my descriptions consistent, and doing my own artwork isn’t perfect, but it saves money and I usually like the results.

        When Steel Beneath the Skin was successful, I was able to hire a professional proofreader for the last two Aneka books. There are some articles on this blog about it and a link to a little interview I did for Kate’s blog. I have to say, it’s worth every penny and I’ll carry on doing it as long as I possibly can. It probably depends upon your proofreader, but Kate picks up things I never would, and offers advice which definitely has improved the finished product. But these things have to pay for themselves, IMO, so I’d be hard-pressed to justify the cost if the books didn’t make enough money to cover it. It’s not cheap, it is worth it, if you can afford it.

  2. I have a friend who proofs for me, and that usually works out well since he’s good at it. Sometimes his wife also does it, and she’s brutal, but quite good. Good for you though, that you can do the art work. I have no talent with drawing, so that’s out for me.

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