Our Synthetic Cast

Aggy and Cassandra, as you might see them if you had Aneka’s eyes. After the cut…

Aggy & Cassandra


Aggy, of course, is a projection. In reality she’s an AI running on a computer in the Garnet Hyde, but she affected this avatar in order to make the Jenlay in her charge, and Aneka, more comfortable with talking to her. She can’t actually stand beside Cassandra, but with some special glasses, or the right cybernetics, you can see her as though she were standing right in front of you. Created by the Xinti, Aggy is typical of the mid-level AIs they create; intelligent, capable, and purpose-driven. She considers any organic mind (and the Xinti classed themselves as such since they were once organic) to be superior to hers.

Cassandra is an emergent AI in the body of a sex robot. Built by a socially inept computer genius as a sex toy, she awoke by accident; her mind developed self-awareness on its own rather than by design. This has given her some rather useful insights into machine intelligence and she works at the University of New Earth as Abraham Wallace’s assistant, and also the university’s expert in machine psychology. When Aneka first arrived on New Earth Cassandra was tasked with interviewing Al, Aneka’s support AI. She finds Al fascinating and he enjoyed talking to another AI, and the two became friends and then something more. It is a distinctly odd relationship complicated by the fact that Cassandra has a fairly physical view of relationships due to her basic programming, and Al has no body for her to demonstrate her affection on. Cassandra’s biggest issue with dealing with Jenlay is that she inhabits the body of a well known sex robot. Should you ever get the opportunity to look, you would find her model and serial numbers inscribed around her nipples.


3 responses to “Our Synthetic Cast

  1. Very nice.

    I need to read the books a second time to check your descriptions, but wasn’t Aggy slightly translucent? And her hair seems to be a little off. I personally imagined her with a more practical haircut.
    And don’t you think she’d go for smaller breasts instead of wasting the computer time for the calculation of bobbing?

    • I actually redid the model of Cassandra for this picture; I’ve never been happy with my original one. Aggy, however, is how I made her when I was designing the concept.

      Her opacity could easily be variable, but I’ve never described her as translucent. “She was a trim, naked woman with fairly large breasts and honey-blonde hair which fell to her neck.” Don’t forget, she got her ideas on what a human woman looked like off our Internet, and believe me when I say that she has processing power that we can, as yet, only dream of.

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