Which Actress Should Play Aneka Jansen?

Okay, this is not a push for Hollywood to pay me millions for the film rights (though it’s a nice thought), the title of this post came up as a search query in my blog stats. I have no idea whether the person who typed it was referring to my Aneka or some other one, but if I put that query into Google all I see is Steel Beneath the Skin references.

Now, I have no idea who should play Aneka. Seriously, not a clue. Angelina Jolie when she was younger? But she’d need some serious padded bras. Liv Tyler? Personally I think this is a job for some ultra-realistic CGI.

Anyone have any ideas?


8 responses to “Which Actress Should Play Aneka Jansen?

  1. Well I don’t think the books would transfer well into a movie.

    But as for cast… I could imagine Charlize Theron quite well in that role. In a mix of her characters in Aeon Flux and Prometheus

    • Hadn’t thought of her, but a very good choice.

      PS. I think they wouldn’t translate well either. It’s one of those interesting thought exercises. We used to spend ages on the City of Heroes forums casting people to be our characters. 🙂

  2. Hmm Charlize is a good choice…. but let’s say Aneka could make it into a tv show series easily. Hollywood would destroy the story >.> though

  3. To make the fun available and believable then an adult starlette like Sylvia Saint or a peroxide blonde Jessica Jaymes.
    But can they act?
    Charlie for the action and Jessica for the fun stuff.
    Job done. 😉
    Quality bit of writing though, loving the series.

  4. No no. The perfect person would be the woman named marie-claude bourbonnais. You can find her on facebook. She is into cosplay and knows how to fill out a suit.

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