The Proof is in the Reading

Okay, so the post’s title sucks, but you try thinking of a title on a few seconds’ notice!

My proofreader, Kate, asked if I’d be willing to do a blog interview regarding the process we went through to get The Cold Steel Mind into publishable condition. That blog is up on her site, so if anyone out there is looking to hire a proofreader and wants to know what it’s like to do so, I suggest you go look.

As it says in there, I found it both an interesting, and a very useful process to go through. If you’re writing something you mean to self-publish, and you can afford the time and money, I’d really recommend getting someone to proofread your work (especially Kate)


4 responses to “The Proof is in the Reading

  1. Not 100% fitting to this posting but anyway:

    Are there any plans of publishing those books in other languages? I know of quite some people here who would love to read them but wouldn’t touch English literature. Not even with tweezers.

      • Interesting. I may have to look into it. At least do some work to see how possible it is.

        As it happens Germany is my second largest sales region on Amazon. I sell more books through than through And that’s without the translation. It may be worth examining.

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