The Crew

The Garnet Hyde Crew

I thought it was about time you got to meet the crew of the Garnet Hyde (when it’s on archaeological missions anyway). Book 2, The Cold Steel Mind, introduces a new member, and I haven’t really shown you the renders of the others yet, so here they are.

From left to right…

  • Captain Mallory Drake. No one ever calls him by his first name; he hates it. A career Navy man, Drake left the service for reasons as yet unexplained and ended up running a research vessel for the University of New Earth.
  • Shannon Patton. Drake’s partner and the second in command aboard the Hyde. She looks a lot like some sort of space bimbo (and the shipsuit doesn’t help), but she is actually a very skilled pilot and mechanic.
  • Delta Ling. New to the team, Delta was brought on for her skills with robotics and also for her muscles. Born on a high-gravity world, she has a lot of muscle, but her home world also made her a bit shy of the permissive culture in the core.
  • David ‘Monkey’ Gibbons: Doctor Gilroy’s son, David is known as Monkey because his father, the captain of a battleship, was called Ape. He tends to be shy around women he finds attractive, and he liked the look of Delta as soon as he saw her. He tends to think of Bashford as more of a father figure than his own father; his boss is dating his mother, and does more to teach him about life and work than Ape ever did.
  • Doctor Gillian Gilroy. Head of Archaeology at the University of New Earth, Gillian is the foremost expert in the Lorenti Federation on the Xinti and Old Earth. She’s a lot older than she looks.
  • Leo ‘Bash’ Bashford. Also ex-Navy, Bash was a technician rather than a fighting man, but he can still handle a laser carbine quite well enough and his skills made him an exceptional facilitator (someone who facilitates getting scientists in and out of their working sites). At some point in the past he was Gillian’s partner, and they have restarted that relationship recently.

So, that’s the permanent crew, minus Aneka and Ella. There’s also another important crew member missing from the line-up, but that one’s a secret… for now anyway.


7 responses to “The Crew

  1. Ok now I know the crew who are pretty close to what I thought they would look like . Now I’d like to see what faces you put to Aggy , Eve , Speaker and the rest of the Xinti programs.Also Cassandra and Al if he had substance….

    • Aggy and Cassandra I can do fairly easily. I have a model for Winter too.
      The other AIs are a little more difficult, but I may look into it.
      Al… hmmm… tough one. I really don’t know what Al looks like except in vague terms. You just know he’s got that charming, suave, James Bond sort of look about him. And he oozes testosterone…

      • I think, if we’re taking that view, he’s a number of irregular solids. I think of his computer as a distributed cluster of processors rather than a single unit.

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