The Cold Steel Mind, Hot Off the Press

It’s out there…

The Cold Steel Mind Cover

The Cold Steel Mind, second in the Aneka Jansen series, and also second in what I’m calling the Steel Trilogy, is now available for purchase from Amazon and Smashwords.

Born in 20th Century England, Aneka Jansen had a life and career working as a security consultant until she was kidnapped by the Xinti and ended up in a wrecked starship, in suspended animation, in deep space for a millennium. Woken up by a team archaeologists, she is about to help them study the Agroa Gar, the ship she slept the centuries away in.

But there are others interested in the secrets and technology to be found on the dead Xinti ship. Soon the crew find themselves under attack by an unseen enemy with their destruction in mind. And that is before they are pulled across space by a force everyone thought had died long, long ago.

Hope you enjoy it.


(Addendum: Okay, not so hot. Some of you have noticed the book went live last night, and thanks for the enthusiasm.)


2 responses to “The Cold Steel Mind, Hot Off the Press

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  2. I enjoyed this and am really looking forward to the next one, especially as she will be working with her bete noir.
    p.s. started with Anneka Jansen book 1 and enjoyed it so much that I have devoured all the thaumatology books as well. keep the books coming please.

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