The Cold Steel Mind

The Cold Steel Mind Cover


Above is the cover for the second Aneka Jansen book, The Cold Steel Mind. And the release date is going to be October 1st.


19 responses to “The Cold Steel Mind

  1. What is almost worse than while waiting for a book anticipating that it might be out tomorrow.. Then you find out that it will be a couple of weeks before it comes out is a little bit of torture.. But o what fun it will be to read on that day.:)

      • well i have been admitted to the library ICU for book withdrawl. I sure hope i can last a week until the book comes out. 🙂

      • I hope, after all this, I don’t get any unforeseen delays. I can see me being up all night on the 30th desperately trying to get the final formatting done. Now I’m getting nervous… I’ve never been lynched before. :s

  2. i wouldn’t say that you would be lynched.. maybe a bit of torture.. make you listen to justin bieber or abba or some wierd band like that

  3. Last day. Hope he has it all ready! I can’t wait. Might just have to reread steel beneath the skin again to help with the waiting

    • Yes, it is. And the room is the primary computer centre on the Negral science station. It’s the scene where Aneka goes to talk to Shannon there.
      I selected it for the cover because there is one “cold steel mind” hanging in the air behind them.

      • That’s what I thought it was, but didn’t want to specifically state the scene. But it does bring that scene into more light. It also is a good indication of how something is written may not give the same mental image to the reader. Totally not how I pictured the scene in my head, but it makes sense.

        Aside: shame Aneka didn’t get some seeds for coffee trees and rose bushes while they were there… 😉

      • Re the aside: good point, though I don’t think I’m giving anything away to state that she will have the coffee covered midway through the next book.

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