Progress Report

Last night the third Aneka Jansen book passed muster with my wonderful sanity checker, Ellen. That means I’ve got a text complete third novel. Actually, since I’ve been a little naughty and I haven’t gone straight into proofreading book 2, I also have nearly 7000 words of book 4. I’ll be kicking off the proofreading at the weekend, however, long with the search for a professional proofreader.

The release plan is currently Book 2, The Cold Steel Mind, to come out at the end of September, with book 3 appearing two months after that. It seems a long time though. I’m kind of keen to find out how people react to the trilogy. Yes, the first three form a trilogy, unofficially known as The Steel Trilogy, because they all have “Steel” in the name.

Book 4 follows on from Book 3, but it also marks the start of a new sequence with a new major plot line.


7 responses to “Progress Report

  1. Awesome! In the meantime, I’m finishing my third reading of the Thaumatology series and then I’ll read “Steel Beneath the Skin” for the third time, probably finishing it when the next one is available on Kindle. Clearly, you’ve got a lot to tell about Aneka’s adventures. 😀

    Maybe, after writing it all, at some point in the future, you’ll have some more for Ceri and Lily, hopefully? 🙂 You certainly left several loose ends and big things to happen there… I’m kinda obsessed with Thaumatology now… loved them all, specially the last two books.

  2. This is news I love to hear. One of the things I do enjoy about your books is the readability of it. Find some books you can just read once and have no will to read it again. But I love books that you can read once then read again. The bonus is that we won’t have to wait a year for book 3 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have a finalised manuscript until a day or so before the release date. I know people keep saying “we don’t mind the typos,” but I do. It has to go out as good as I can make it. But rest assured, it does go out as soon as it’s ready.

      • better than a advanced reader copy. know some authors hold onto the book for a few months after they finish the proofs. this way we get it asap !!

  3. Stumbled over Steel beneath the Skin on Amazon and immediatly bought it after the sample read. Read it in one go and I am half way through the second book.

    This is seriously well written with cool story and good characters. I find it most intriguing how the changing morals of a possible future society are shown.

    Hope I dont have to wait too long for part 3.

    Probably will give Thaumatology a go if it takes too long…

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