The New Model Aneka

New Model Aneka

I’ve been doing some model work. Rebuilding Aneka using Victoria 6 and Gia required more than a little work, but I like the result. Her face is a little softer and her muscles a little more pronounced. And if you’re wondering where the different pistol comes from and where Bessie has got to… Well you’ll have to wait for book 2 to find out.


7 responses to “The New Model Aneka

  1. Really enjoy your work. Eagerly awaiting the 3rd of the series. Glad to hear that Aneka will continue in some form. There is a dvd out called Hay Wire that stars a female MMA fighter. She might work for the lead in a Aneka Jansen movie.

    • I’ve seen that movie. Not bad. Gina Carano is the actress, and she wouldn’t be a bad choice, though she’d be really excellent for another character I’m working on for a different book. Just about perfect in fact.

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