Code Complete

In my dreams I live something of a Hemingway sort of existence; living on a beach somewhere warm and sunny, and writing books for a living. Sadly, I actually have to work for a living and what I do is program computers, and in the programming world we have a concept known as “code complete.” A program is “code complete” when you have written all the code (surprise!). That doesn’t mean any of it works. It’s not tested, you might end up having to rewrite big chunks due to mistake or design error, but everything is there that needs to be there according to the plan.

This weekend the second Aneka Jansen book, The Cold Steel Mind, went code complete. All the words are there, they might not be the right words, and they might not be in the right order, but they are all there. It’s the first stage in getting that book out there for people to read, but there’s still a way to go yet.

PS. The Hemingway lifestyle sounds great, but I’d never do it. Bright sunlight gives me headaches, beach sand gets everywhere. I’ll probably stick with wet, cold England.


4 responses to “Code Complete

  1. I enjoyed the first volume of Aneka Jansen and I have to reread it because I,know that I missed things that are important. Your writing style flows smoothly and is easy to read. I really have enjoyed the story and can’t wait for the next. I hope that you will delve deep lyninto the trauma that she experiences. Also I hope that you delve deeply into,the technology that the Xinti used to create her and transfer all her knowledge and personality into the computer that serves as her brain.

    I ame currently reading Crossover by Joel Shepard, whose main character is an extremely advanced artificial person the is able to think and feel like a human being, for all intensive purposes she is a human. She can love, hate and all of the other things that a human is capable of but there is not a single cell in her body that is human. This is the first book in a trilogy, I stated the book back in 2007 and bought all three books but never was able to,get into them untill they came out as Kindle books.

    I have bought all,of the other books that you have written – the Thaumatology Series, and have read the first two. Being retired I have a lot of time on my hands so I read.

    John Bing

    • It’s currently looking like September, but it could stretch into October. I’m adding a new element to my “production pipeline” and I’m not sure how long that will take.

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