I am… Wow!

So… this is going to come over as me blowing my own horn or being very lacking in confidence over my own work. Sorry about that, I’m just a little, uh, amazed.

I try not to look at the sales figures on my books too much. I get notified by Smashwords when there’s a sale, and I’m still, think of a good word… insecure enough that it’s a real pleasure when one of those emails arrives in my mailbox. I do not, however, go and look at the figures on Amazon’s KDP or Author Central sites much. Once in a while I go peek and I get quite excited that people are buying and, hopefully, enjoying my books.

This evening I got a purchase mail from Smashwords for Steel Beneath the Skin and decided to go see what the figures were actually like. Smashwords sales are, not great, but moving. The Amazon figures blew my socks off. My socks flew across the room and put a dent in the plaster. I mean, I’m not going to be living off the earnings any time soon, but… wow. Added to that, it seems like people are picking up on the Thaumatology books after reading Steel. I am beyond pleased.

Then there are the reviews. I get to see all the reviews through that Author Central site I never visit and there they were. They were not all positive, thanks be to Vashma. I don’t know about you, but all 5 star ratings makes me wonder whether someone paid for the reviews. There are people who have not liked the books I’ve written. More power to their elbows, I say. Not everything is to everyone’s taste.

So, to the point of this ramble. If you’ve reviewed one of my books, no matter what the rating, thank you very much. If you’ve said you liked them, thank you a little bit more. And to everyone reading this who has bought Steel and/or one or all of the Thaumatology series, you’ve made me a happy writer. The whole point of writing these things is to have people read them, and hopefully enjoy them. So, thanks.


8 responses to “I am… Wow!

  1. Greetings!
    I literally just finished reading “Steel Beneath the Skin” and had to write to say Thank You. Yesterday I started in thinking “just a chapter or two” and here I finish it. What a fun read, enjoyable and interesting characters and a wonderful sci-fi universe. I look forward to more adventures with Aneka, Ella and the whole crew. Also I understand the ‘main job’ thing, so take as long as you need. Just know you have a fan eager with anticipation.
    Again, Thank You. Just plain thank you. You’ll never know how much Fridgy time you brought to my life.

  2. Read Steel Beneath the Skin in an evening, really enjoyed it, then read Thaumatology series one after another nice change, I’ve read more then a few books of this type and though there is a lot of sex(not a bad thing) I didn’t have to skip chapter after chapter of thrust, quivering member, groan repeat etc.(ie later Anita Blake books) all in all I enjoyed it and am sad I’ve now finished them. Looking forward to more.

    Though I am worried buying all these on amazon will lead to more recommendations of “Alien Tentacle” books that have been popping up on my lists of late.

    • There is another Thaumatology book to write at some point, possibly more, but I’m not sure when. The next Aneka Jansen one is likely to be around 3-4 months off.

      Glad you liked them and I’m sorry about the “Alien Tentacle” recommendations. 😉

  3. I really Enjoyed Aneka’s adventures. Seriously keep up the good work, I didn’t mind all the sex. It must have been a lot of social study to develop the social core and uses o the Jenlay.

    • I’ve been making stuff like this up, with varying degrees of success, since I was a teenager, so I suppose you could say I did. I watch a lot of documentaries about social conditions, science, etc, and read up on the stuff. I’m not saying humans would turn out like this, in fact the galaxy of the books has other human societies in it which are quite different, but I think this is a possible future for us, given the right circumstances. The Lorenti Federation is a little like London in the late sixties and seventies. Free love, man! Ban the bomb!

  4. Very good story. A retired Marine here. You mixed action with the sex that kept me wanting more of both. Well done. Charlie Mike!

  5. That is the path I took. Reading the Thaumatology books after reading Steel. (and waiting for the next Steel. Enjoying them both. Your first book the writing was good and it only seems to be getting better. Thank you for sharing your fantasies.

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