Ella Narrows

Born in 451 (Federal Standard Calendar) on Harriamon III, a mining colony on the federal rim, Ella had a tough childhood. Everything started out pretty well, she was a bright, cheerful child with every hope of leaving her home world to make something of herself in the core systems. At the age of 12 she was infected by a variety of local disease, a flesh-eating, lichen-like life form which destroyed her eyes and half her face leaving her blind and disfigured. Deciding that the only way her daughter would ever see again was if she was taken somewhere with better medical facilities, Ella’s mother Janna moved Heaven and Earth to get her to New Earth where her face was rebuilt and her eyes replaced with cybernetic ones.

Ella and Aneka

Now in her seventies, though she looks to be in her early twenties, Ella is back to being the bright young thing she was as a child. She went to the University of New Earth, studying psychology, anthropology, and archaeology as a minor, and was picked up as the assistant to the Doctor of Archaeology, Gillian Gilroy. She loves field work, and loves watching people, studying the interplay of society and individual personality. Her talents lend themselves to analysing the social systems uncovered in archaeological digs.

If she has one failing, it is that her emotions are more or less always written on her face. She likes people and loves sex. Her smile can light up a room, but when she is not smiling her features tend to give her a rather sad, contemplative look. Outwardly she is all confidence, but under that there are deep-seated insecurities born of her time as a blind, ugly girl in a galaxy full of beautiful people. When she wants something, or more especially someone, she goes for the direct approach; there is no point in holding back, as far as Ella is concerned, because tomorrow you might be dead, or blind and ugly.


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