Meet Aneka Jansen

Aneka Jansen was born on the 3rd of March 1982 in Aldershot, a town famous primarily for being the “home of the British Army.” The daughter of a Swedish immigrant and the English woman who persuaded him to move to the UK, Aneka was surrounded by the Army for most of her childhood. Always a bit of a tomboy, she always had scraped knees and sometimes bruised knuckles. Her teenage years sucked as she blossomed into an attractive young woman and the boys she had fought and played with started taking a different kind of interest. She joined the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment aged seventeen and left five years later disillusioned with the opportunities presented to her. Despite her training, she was not allowed into combat situations and felt she was being held back from making a difference simply because she was a woman.

Aneka as was

The Army had recognised her leadership and tactical abilities, and she was head-hunted by a security company, Anderson Security Consulting, on leaving. She began working security details in frontline zones, frequently operating as a bodyguard and tactical specialist. Her good looks and ability to look stunning in a cocktail dress resulted in her attending a lot of parties with overpaid, unappreciative executives. But by 2008 she had her own team specialising in hostage rescue operations. They were good, a tightly knit team of professionals with exceptional skills. People asked for them by name and Aneka felt that, finally, people appreciated her for what she could do, not the way she looked.

In 2011 Aneka and her team were dropped into a remote area of Iraq on a hostage rescue mission. Everything went well, right up until the extraction…

When Aneka opened her eyes again, she found herself on a research ship in deep space after being recovered from a dead alien vessel. Her entire world and everyone she ever knew was dead, and whoever had kidnapped her had done more than simply stick her in a freezer for a thousand years; they had changed her, “uplifted” her. As far as she was concerned, they had killed her. Aneka Jansen was a digital ghost living in a robotic copy of herself, in a future world which did not really like robots.

Born March 3rd, 1982 in England, Aneka Jansen is now living in the year 523 of the Federal Standard Calendar. As her new friend Ella would say, ‘it’s not exactly fridgy.’



One response to “Meet Aneka Jansen

  1. Great story, left a 5 star rating on amazon. I hope you write more Aneka Jensen books, we need more good science fiction.

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